Surya Products: for buying classic Ayurvedic herbs

Surya Products is your wholesaler for organic ayurvedic food supplements, organic culinary herbs, classic ayurvedic compounds and ayurvedic herbal drinks. We also have a wide range of massage oils and shirodhara supplies. You can also contact us for private label.


Being more aware of our choices is the first step towards holistic well-being.

But how do we achieve that in the fast society of today?

Learning to listen to our body is the key to a general well-being. If we listen carefully, we can help our body with a natural healing process, the way the body is meant to respond.


Surya Products BV has experienced the last years a considerable increase. Nevertheless we have become large small remaining. And distribute we import more than 20 years a vast assortment to Ayurvedische products. Beside having supplements, simple and combinations herbs, we provide among other things as neti pots, shirodhara cans and droni's.

The most of our feeding supplements have a notificatie number. This meanss that their effectiveness is proved, they have scientifically file, which it has been approved by the FGOV in Brussels. Surya Products BV is the first company within Europe that in the possession is of these numbers.

You can say that our products stabel save and working.

We provide our products to doctors, therapists and pharmacies. In the Netherlands our products are also by means of the well-known trade available. We have also a product line Ojas called, which has been developed especially for the shops. This line finds you in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Surya Products BV has established in a company bilding in the Haarstraat 46 in the splendid village cold Tuil. With our central position along the  A2 our company is easy to reach. Frequently readings and meetings are organised in our company, if yuo are interest in these thing please mail us.

Popular Ayurvedic products

Dhanvantari taila

massage olie€ 12.65 to € 10.12 (150 ml)
€ 33.60 to € 26.88 (500 ml)
€ 61.15 to € 48.92 (1000 ml)

Dhanvantari is nourishing for the nervous system and regulates the Vata in each area, is also used for its purifying properties. This oil is specific for the woman ...

Bio Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)

assortiment surya€ 12.15 to € 9.72 (60 caps)
€ 29.75 to € 23.80 (180 caps)

Tinospora cordifolia purifies the blood. Supports the immune system. For a good balance between positive and negative bacteria in the intestines. Increases resistance. ...

Bio Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna)

assortiment surya€ 12.15 to € 9.72 (60 caps)
€ 29.75 to € 23.80 (180 caps)

Promotes blood flow and regulates a good blood circulation. Arjun keeps the arteries clean and ensures preservation of a strong vascular wall.
Neem zeep SHOW
Free for orders above € 65,-

Neem zeep

neem producten€ 3.30 (100 gr)

Take soap is a natural soft soap to clean the skin. It removes dirt without removing the natural skin oils. This helps the skin to retain its elasticity and enhances ...