Ayurvedisch product Bio Ojas Guduchi Bio Ojas Guduchi

Bio Ojas Guduchi

Guduchi increases the natural resistance of the body and stimulates the immune system. Guduchi softens the skin and gives a clear and healthy complexion.

Item number: C_BIO8914

€ 16,30 60 caps 60 caps Order

Capsule content: 250mg
Capsule: VegaCapsPlus
Packaging: 5 blisters in a cardboard box
Supplier: Surya Products
Allergen free: Yes
Excipients: none
Additions: none
Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes
Certificate BIO: Yes

60 caps€ 16,30Artikelnummer: C_BIO8914EAN: 8717496089144

2x daily, take 1-2 capsules with water before a meal.

Tinospora cordifolia*, VegaCapsPlus

*of biological origin

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