Ayurvedisch product Bio Pitta melange Bio Pitta melange

Bio Pitta melange

Pitta Blend,a unique combination of organic herbs that provide a cooling effect. Its gentle flavour offers a stimulating and comforting feeling.

Contains Liquorice root – those suffering from high blood pressure are advised to avoid excessive consumption.

Natural ingredients. Free from flavors, fragrances, dyes, sugar and other stimulants such as theine and caffeine.

Item number: C_BIO1057

€ 4,10 15 tea bags 15 tea bags Order

15 tea bags€ 4,10Artikelnummer: C_BIO1057EAN: 8720289610579

Tulsi/Holy Tulsi*
Hibiscus/ Fleur d’Hibiscus*
Rozenbottle/ Eglantier /Rosehip*
Kaneel/Cannelle/ Cinnamon *
Gember/ Gingembre/Ginger *
Zoethout/Réglisse/ Liquorice *
Curcuma longa/Curcuma/ Turmeric*
Cardamon/Cardamome/ Cardamome *

van Biologische oorsprong*
d'origine biologique*
organic origin*

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