Ayurvedisch product Guni taila Surya Guni taila Surya

Guni taila Surya

The massage oil for rheumatism, joint and muscle pain. Guni taila stimulates the joints and relieves the Vata. For body.

Item number: A_C8375

€ 14,00 100 ml

€ 46,80 500 ml

€ 79,25 1000 ml


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100 ml€ 14,00Artikelnummer: A_C8032EAN: 8717496080325
500 ml€ 46,80Artikelnummer: A_C8375EAN: 8717496083753
1000 ml€ 79,25Artikelnummer: A_C8414EAN: 8717496084149

Dashmool, Balsamodendron mukul, Xanthoxylom, Turpint oil, Camphor, Sesame oil

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