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Morning booster

It has never been so easy to make a complete healthy breakfast! 100% natural ingredients and also all of them from biological origin. Contains yebra mate for that extra boost!

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A complete healthy breakfast with everything a athlete needs in 2 scoops. All ingredients are organic and the powders are freeze-dried, which preserves the nutrients. The gluten-free oatmeal in the product contains a lot of fibers, but does not complete a breakfast. Therefore, this product contains several ingredients with all different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support the body in different ways like supporting brain functions, immune system and anti-aging. The beet powder in this product helps your body through different vitamin B to give extra energy. The beet powder also supports exertion by better regulating the oxygen consumption, which makes beet popular among athletes. The blue berry powder also contains many antioxidants and helps to recover after a workout. Chia seed contains many vitamins and fibers as well as many iron and zinc. Zinc is very important for athletes, it contributes to muscle recovery, supports concentration and supports the psychic health. A shortage of zinc can lead to loss of performance. The unique ingredient that should not be missing in this breakfast: Yebra mate. Yebra Mate is also full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Provides energy and contributes to better endurance, supports weight loss, contributes to recovery, also supports mental health and improves concentration. As you may have noticed above, this breakfast also fits with those who want to lose weight and want to have a healthy lifestyle but also for those who just want a delicious and easy breakfast.

Tip: Are you fond of sweetness? Then taste it with a little added honey or cranberry’s sweetened in apple juice.


Easily and quickly ready to start the day/training

Provides energy and endurance

Full of nutrients (vitamins, minerals)

Increases immune system and protects against aging

Supports brain functions

Biological origin and gluten free as well


Contains naturally-occurring caffeine. The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. A varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle are important. Nutritional supplements are not substitutes for proper meals. Seek advice from a medical expert before using this supplement in cases of pregnancy, lactation, medication-usage or illness. Keep tightly closed when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.

750gr€ 33,50Artikelnummer: C_1076EAN: 8720289610760

Mix 2 measures (1 portion/50 g) with quark (or own personal preference). 1 or 2 servings a day.

Fijne glutenvrije havermout*, chiazaad*, rode bietenpoeder*, blauwe bessenpoeder (gevriesdroogd)*, yebra mate poeder*

* van biologische oorsprong

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