Ayurvedisch product Sahacharadi kuzhambu Sahacharadi kuzhambu

Sahacharadi kuzhambu

A relaxation oil. Anti Vata, nerve growth, mental disorders, stress situation. With internal drought and in old age. For head and body

Item number: A8206

€ 13,05 150 ml

€ 34,60 500 ml

€ 63,00 1000 ml

€ 283,30 5000 ml


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150 ml€ 13,05Artikelnummer: A8226EAN: 8717496082268
500 ml€ 34,60Artikelnummer: A8206EAN: 8717496082060
1000 ml€ 63,00Artikelnummer: A8207EAN: 8717496082077
5000 ml€ 283,30Artikelnummer: A8030EAN: 8717496080301

Sesame oil, Milk, Castor oil, Ghee, Strobilanthus spp., Vetiveria zeylanicus, Eletteria cardamomum, Angelica glauca, Callicarpa spp., Coleus zeylanicus, Rubia cordifolia, Cedrus deodara, Boswellia serrata, Peucedanum graveolens

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