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assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayurliv has a positive effect on endurance. Ayurliv purifies the body. Strengthens the body and the immune system naturally.

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assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayurslim supports fat burning, fat storage, and gives more energy. This means that you lose weight in a healthy way and you choose a long term method.

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assortiment surya € 23,90 ( 120 caps )
Can be used as commonly as the spring spa cleanse. Guggul Trifala works in the body and strong purging removes the detained ama


assortiment surya € 17,10 ( 60 caps )
Contains the herb Gymnema sylvestre. This herb has the property to regulate the blood sugar levels. Madhunasa has a strong cleansing effect in the body


assortiment surya € 16,25 ( 60 tabl )
Meha kuthar is good for a normal stomach function. Supports the cleansing effect of the liver and has a positive influence on the gall bladder. At inconveniences prior, around and during menstruation. ...


assortiment surya € 17,75 ( 30 ml )
Shilajit supports the cleansing effect of the liver and galfunctie. Supports the kidney function, for a good moisture management. In support of heart and blood vessels. Purify Your Blood. For healthy respiratory ...